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Spy x Family: Code White is a thriller film directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi. The movie follows the story of a skilled secret agent known as "Twilight" who is tasked with a dangerous mission to infiltrate a prestigious elite school in order to protect a high-profile target. In order to maintain his cover, Twilight must pose as a family man and adopt a young girl named Anna as his daughter, as well as a woman named Yor as his wife.

As Twilight navigates through the complexities of his mission, he must also navigate the challenges of blending in with his new family while keeping his true identity a secret. However, as the stakes continue to rise and the truth starts to unravel, Twilight must confront his own past and make difficult choices in order to protect the ones he loves.

Spy x Family: Code White is a gripping and intense thriller that explores themes of espionage, sacrifice, and the bonds of family in the face of danger. The film promises to deliver thrilling action sequences, suspenseful twists, and emotional depth as Twilight races against time to complete his mission and protect his newfound family.

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