Nicky Larson - City Hunter: Angel Dust STREAMING VF

City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust

Nicky Larson, a skilled private detective with a playful personality, is hired to protect an important client named Emi Shiratori. However, things take a dangerous turn when a group of terrorists known as the XYZ gang kidnaps Emi with the intent of using her as a bargaining chip to release their leader from prison.

With the help of his partner Laura, Nicky embarks on a thrilling mission to rescue Emi and take down the XYZ gang. Along the way, they uncover a dark secret about Emi's past that connects her to the gang's leader and puts her life in even greater danger.

As Nicky and Laura race against time to save Emi, they must navigate through a web of deception, betrayal, and deadly encounters. With their skills and wit put to the test, can they outsmart the terrorists and bring justice to those responsible for the chaos in the city?

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